Monday, April 5, 2010

Play dates & sleep overs!

My girlfriend Amber and her daughter Macy spend a couple days with us over spring break. It was Macy's first sleep over at a friend's house. The kiddos had fun together playing with all the toys and each other. (It makes me excited for two kids because they will be so close in age and little playmates.)Amber is from Moses Lake so we had to head into the big city for some hard core shopping. I was exhausted, we did some damage and spent a fair amount of time at the mall. Carter needed some spring shirts and shoes even though it is colder now in April then it was in March but hopefully soon the sun will reappear.

On Friday we headed over to Maria's for a little play date. 4 mommies and 8 kiddos under the age of 4! Katie and the twins were suppose to come but couldn't make it because of the snow (what's up with snow in April?!?) We had a fun day! Notice in the pictures all of the kids looking every which way, my little Carter man is smiling every time you bring out the camera. He is a supermodel in training, we practice daily!

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