Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter with the Tharaldson family

We headed over to the woods on Saturday to visit Grandma Georgia and Grandpa Robin. It had snowed 2 inches in Bremerton before we got there, needless to say I was freezing. My in laws have a wood stove to heat the house and try to always keep it nice and warm for wimpy me. My father in law informed me that if I wasn't always wearing a leotard I wouldn't be so cold. I said "what a leotard?" Believe me, I don't go prancing around in a leotard, maybe in high school gymnastics but not anytime recently. After the emergency fashion lesson, I figured out he was talking about my leggings. I will be living in leggings for the next couple months of this pregnancy and then I may need a break from then but right now they are the most comfortable pants ever (besides sweats). We had a wonderful Easter and got to see all of Eric's family. We favorite is little kids in their Easter outfits. My niece Piper had a pretty yellow fancy dress on. And Carter was sporting a royal blue gingham shirt with a cute cap to match (2 of them actually because I couldn't decide on the color). They opened Easter baskets and treats from Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles. They were quite spoiled! Watch the video below of Carter and Piper unwrapping their baskets. Carter was more interested in the wrapping then anything else.

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