Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My little wild child

Carter is becoming quite the mover these days. He has mastered the army crawl like no other. He cruises so fast, it is hilarious to watch. He has also learned the new trick of pulling himself up. I was doing dishes the other day and I look over and he has completely pulled himself up to the toy box. He was standing there with the biggest grin and so proud of himself. Carter is also now feeding himself with a fork. It's not graceful by any means, he sometimes pokes his face or nose, but he is getting the idea. Spoons we are still working on. When he pulls the spoon out he flicks whatever food is left over on his teeth, which then winds up on my forehead. I am constantly checking my face after he is done eating, Lord knows what I will find on my face or lost in my hair. Carter is continuing to get more teeth in. He has at least four that are poked through but not fully in yet. I wonder why babies only teeth at night? Doesn't it hurt during the day too? Carter's little personality continues to bloom and he is turning into quite the character. Always smiling, laughing and grabbing for something (usually on your face), he loves to give kisses and his hugs are amazing. Every once in awhile when he hugs, he gives a little pat on the back. So sweet. Carter is also high fiving. Once you start he does not like to stop. He continues to amaze me daily and I just love him to pieces. I still cannot believe that he is going to be a big brother in 4 months. I can't imagine him not being my only little boy, but I can't wait to see him as a big brother. Bitter sweet.
This weekend I deserve wife and daughter of the year award. I volunteered to be the DD for this weekend. My Dad got tickets for Eric, and his buddy to meet a bunch of other guys down at Hops and Props. It is a beer show at the Flight Museum. They went in sane, walking normal, talking at a descent volume level and came out like wild baboons. Goodness gracious. It could be that my hormones and soberness heighten their wildness but holy smokes. My loving husband told the same story over and over again on the ride home. Luckily my mother was there for moral support. We all got a good laugh at it the next day.
Well off to put baby boy to sleep. Pray for sunshine. I am sick of this cold and wet rain. I want to wear sandals!

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