Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So now that Carter is better this week, he is now fully teething. Which is such a lovely stage. A couple nights this week he has managed to sleep through the night without waking up screaming but we have also had a couple rough nights as well. I was blessed with a little one that always sleeps through the night so hopefully the next baby will take lessons from their big brother. So far Carter only has three teeth through, it seems like there might be one that is going to pop through any day now. Carter is somewhat army crawling or what looks to be like an inch worm. It's pretty darn cute! He gets around where he needs to be and quickly. He loves giving hugs and kisses, they are very intense. He wraps his arms around your neck and really works on giving you his all with his kisses. Nice and slobbery! Carter can say "dada" and "mama". When he is crying, "moooom"! It's pretty hard to resist when he is calling my name. He loves to giggle and be tickled. His laugh will melt your heart. I want to record it and carry it around with me in my pocket. Carter is also into grabbing faces, hair, and earnings. Mommy is now only allowed to wear one pair of earning because Carter rips them out. I have tried to tell him, mommy will never stop accessorising so we are just going to have to get used to them. I do always keep a spare pair of pliers around just in case. I'm trying to teach him "gentle" but so far, no luck.

The poor second baby is already being neglected. With Carter at this point I had started taking pictures of my belly at week 8, 12, and 16. Week 16 is just about over and no pictures. I'll try to get one up this week. This second little baby is also still making mama very sick. Every time I say "oh I am so glad I am not puking any more", I get sick that day or the next. I don't feel like I have gained that much weight because I keep puking! This pregnancy is totally different. Biggest cravings- Subway veggie sub, cucumbers, cereal, and little oranges. I literally could probably eat all of those things for every meal and be just fine. Don't get me wrong I have indulged in a few desserts but nothing to exciting. Although Eric made some snickerdoodles last week that were pretty yummy. Well 11 more days and we find out what this little one will be. I can't wait. Besides waiting for this next appointment, I feel like this pregnancy is going by faster. Probably because I am running around after Carter. Before I know it, this baby will be here!

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