Wednesday, March 24, 2010

B-day party mania!

Carter is a very busy little man. We had two birthday parties this weekend. Haley's son turned 3 at the Sumner Bouncy House. Then we headed to Ellensburg where Shannon's son Jameson turned 1. Quite the day, I don't know who was more tired, Carter or I. It was great to see all of the girls in one day though. We stayed the night in Ellensburg at Katie's and played with the twins. And Amber joined us for a couple hours with sweet little Macy. Carter and Macy had fun together. The twins were great with Carter also. Presely kept bringing toys over to Carter and saying "Here Baby Carter", and Cash enjoyed taking the toys away from both of them. Silly boys, they always want their way!
The weather has been so nice, finally! The last couple nights I have got to take Carter on a walk and enjoy some sunshine. I can't wait for summer, I love heat! Although I may be the size of a whale. Hopefully I won't get Shrek ankles from the heat. My belly is just starting to peak out a little bit. No one would know I was pregnant unless they knew, strangers just probably think I have a gut. The girls have kicked it into high gear and started to fill out, how lovely! Yeah right. I had just joined the SBC (small boobie club) and now my membership has been revoked! I think I have gained about 4 or 5 pounds, not to bad. I can still fit into most of my pants just a few have been tucked away already. My favorite part of the day is coming home to put on my sweats, ahh so wonderful! And I haven't puked in a week! Cross your fingers, it is over.
Our little man continues to amaze me. He is clapping his little heart out. Everything I do, he claps, he knows just how to melt his mama's heart. I have even got him to give me high five a few times. We are continuing to work on his signing, it isn't always consistent but occasionally he uses it. Carter is making all sorts of new sounds, his favorite is a very high pitch excited yelp. He has two more teeth coming in on the top to add to his other three. He bites the spoon every time it goes in his mouth and makes it very difficult to get out. Also when he give his famous wet slobbery kisses, he has gotten us a few times with his teeth. He left a mark on Grandma Georgia's face the other day. Ouch! It isn't as if he is doing it intentionally I think he just doesn't realize that he is biting. I have been working on gentle though for the second baby's sake. How do you teach a one year old gentle? We're trying!

(Flynn's birthday party and that is Haley's dad, who loves Carter! And Carter loves all of his entertaining noises he makes.)

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