Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rough week!

Oh my, first time having a very sick little man! Last Sunday Carter started acting a little more needy then usual and constantly crying, which is not like him at all. We were over in Bremerton to see the grandparents and decided we better get him home. On the way home he puked all over in the car (mostly on me because I was trying not to let it get all over the place.) And that was just the beginning of our sleepless nights. The highest his fever ever got was 103.6, I can't even imagine how miserable he felt. We took him to the doctor and he had his first ear infection and a chest infection. He got some antibiotics and an inhaler. (Yeah an inhaler, try giving that to a one year old!) Needless to say he stayed home all week with one of us here and Grandpa Nick even came over one day to work sick bay. And by about Friday, he was starting to act like his old self, which was a relief. The toughest part was the crying, oh my goodness, I was blessed with a child who always sleeps and never fusses, this week was hands down my most challenging week as a parent. At times when he was crying, I just had to join him, I couldn't help it. It was so hard not being able to fix it all and make it better. And the no sleep, not a fan! So I am thankful my little man is feeling better. I hope he is not sick again for a very long time!!!!

Now I think the teething has begun. Carter has about 3 teeth now and recently I have seen him trying to eat his own hand. I'm afraid some of my sleepless nights may not be over just yet.

(Here is a couple pics of before Carter bug was sick. Swinging at the Black Diamond park with Grandma and Grandpa Becker and playing his tunes over at Grandma Georgia and Grandpa Robin's.)

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