Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First dinner out

Grandma did it, she finally convinced us to go to dinner. Diane and my mom came over to watch Carter. It was my first time ever leaving little Carter. I think that Eric and I were gone for an hour and a half. We went to eat sushi at a new restaurant right down the street. Dinner was amazing and I even had a glass of wine. Sushi and wine were the two things I couldn’t wait to have after the pregnancy.

Today was my check up at the doctor, everything is healing just fine. Although my doctor said my uterus still isn’t back to its normal size, which means my stomach is still swollen not just fat. I am trying to be patient with the whole working out thing, but it is getting tough. Last week I got on the treadmill for an hour and couldn’t walk the next day so yesterday I only did 45 minutes. My doctor recommended that I shouldn’t run just walk for at least a couple more weeks. I guess I will be joining the crowd of New Year’s resolutions for losing weight!

Carter has been making big changes. I look back on his pictures and he has already grown so much. He is still in newborn clothes although many of them are still too big. He is so much more alert now. He kicks and moves his arms and feet all over the place, looks right at us, smiles and making little noises. It is so incredible how fast time is already going by. I want to stop time and have him be my little baby forever.

Time for him to eat, more later. I have to keep him on a tight schedule!!

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