Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat!

 Look how much fun Carter is having!!! Our first stop was the Lakes house so we could trick or treat with our buddy Ainsely, I mean Princess Belle!  
 Getting them to stay still for a picture was impossible.

Smiling for a picture turned out to also be impossible!

Last stop Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood.

Well tradition was broken this year. Every year I have taken the babes to Enumclaw to trick or treat but this year the rain set in and Daddy had to go to work. We made due and visited friends and family in the area. We were definatly not going to be in the rain after I held these tikes down to spray paint their hair and paint their faces white. My effort was not going to be washed away so easily!

I had fun this year crafting all of our costumes, saving us some extra dough. I was bummed though that Eric couldn't join us because I was going to make him the goldfish. I made some additional costumes for future parties, I will share pictures soon!
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