Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear anyone who has a heart,

Dear anyone who has a heart,

I am writing this letter in hopes you can share our story and help us make a few simple changes in our society.

I have a proposal for you. I would like your help in spreading a message about stopping the “R” word. I was flabbergasted when watching a movie the other day and an actor made a joke about a baby looking like a “retard” and “even a little down syndrome like”. On no level of comedy should that be acceptable. Hollywood actors or anyone for that matter should not be allowed to use such comments in movies and/or television. You can be funny without ridiculing a child with special abilities.

It would be a dream if just one of you could pass on the message to not use the “R” word. You can show my Carter’s face and mention using the “R” word as comedy literally rips my heart out. I am a mama trying to do my best to make my boy’s world a bit more open minded, accepting and loving.

I kindly ask for your help in spreading the message. Thank you with all of my heart for taking the time to read my letter. We hope to hear from you.

Carter’s mama
Alison Tharaldson

Our fundraising page for the Down Syndrome Community Buddy Walk:

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