Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Supper Club # 2

 Fudge's mini meatloaves
 Bacon wrapped scallops
 Erika's lovely spread
 Wore derby hats in honor of the race!
 Cute hubby!
 The girls and our big hats!
 Pozega's P&J bacon sliders
 Fitch's yellow tomato soup
 Henry's spinach bacon salad
 Dow's outstanding Mac-n-cheese
 Hurst's pallet cleanser. . . (Tequila with a orange granita)
however for some reason after this point, the photographer (AKA-me) didn't get around to shots of the main course and my dessert. I am going to blame the champagne for that. Erika and I will have to recreate our masterpieces to give them their own special shoot.
Until next time. . .
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