Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

 Trying on their new gear for the ride!
 Only happy in helmets when snacking.
 This is right before Nolan b-lined after a duck through the bushes and flowers. I had to run full speed to catch him with Carter in tow while my other half was purchasing our baby making adult beverages.
 Can't you tell how much they love having their picture taken?
 I promise they only drank water. Nolan is a hard core eater, notice his hand in stuck in the snack trap. . . "must get one last piece of Pirate booty in hand, will not fall asleep. . . " I think he finished Carter's too.
 Proud papa

This is our second year doing a Mother's Day bike ride to the winery. A 80 degree day made it even better. Nothing I love more than spending the day with my family and the wine of course is an added bonus. When we first got there we headed into the winery to pick up a few goodies. A gentleman was handing out complimentary champagne tastings and he commented on my bottle of wine in one hand and toddler in the other, saying what a perfect combination. I confidently responded by saying "yes and this is how I became a mom" and raised the bottle of wine. In my head I had planned to say this is how I cope being a mom but somehow that didn't come out. He nervously laughed not knowing whether to hand me my complimentary glass of champagne or call the authorities on the crazy lady creating babies with wine. I bet ya a few babies were made with wine though!
We spent the next couple hours in the grass with the essential items for a picnic, cheese, bread, fruit, wine and a hell of a lot of snacks and treats for the babes so we could enjoy our outing. I love that we are creating our own traditions with our family. I felt guilty not being with my mama but she understands. And I hope she knows that she made me the mama that I am today. She showed me unconditional love and support that I hope to pass down to my babies. I love you Ma!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there.
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