Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh we were "that" family

Don't let the smiles deceive you, this day we were "that" family. The one you didn't want sitting next to you with the cute cuddly little toddlers. We attempted brunch at Salty's. When I give myself a private prep talk before a public outing, I always say "they won't know how to behave unless we expose them to the environment, we need to teach them proper manners for restaurants". And then my conscious calls "BS" and says "they are kids and they will do what they will", I can only control so much!
So story goes, Eric goes to indulge in his fantasy brunch buffet while I man the troops. We are hanging with color crayons and snacks, not doing so bad. Then the young, obviously childless waiter comes to set down Eric's giant orange juice. He also happens to set it on Carter's place mat. And my poor little creature of habit does not like things on his mat, that are not his. I watch in slow motion as he grabs the mat and pulls with all of his might. I see the wine glass full of juice flying through the air and other on lookers staring hard to see just where it will land. Imagine a Hollywood movie where I jump from my seat screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in that deep scary slow motion voice, umm yeah that was me. Eric walks around the corner just in time to see the aftermath, broken glass everywhere and juice dripping from every angle of the table. Luckily no other patrons were hit during the incident. The wait staff made their way over, I am sure cursing under their breathe at our mess of a table. While they were cleaning, I politely ordered another mimosa.
Our meal was short and sweet. Eric continued to eat himself into a food coma while I tangled with two babes and managed to eat a small amount with one hand. We exited and I apologized to the tables around us, who secretly probably applauded as we left. I wanted to snap a few shots of the babes down by the water before the rain set in. Take those last shots in because they were taken right before butterfingers, my husband dropped my camera on the cement while the lens was open and broke my camera. And to make it better, it started to pour down rain!
And that folks was followed by World War 3 in the car of who let the camera drop. Oh what a nice Sunday afternoon had by all of being "that" family!
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