Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Chelan

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We headed East in search of the sun. . . we found it (for at least 2 0f the 3 days) in Lake Chelan. We joined the Gibson's for a "relaxing" vacation on the beach in their condo. We did our best to "relax" with 5 kids under the age of three. Crazy to say the least. Going into town people looked at us as if daycare had just been let out. All the babes were great and got along just fine. We let the husbands out for a morning to golf with the intention the mamas would be able to wine taste in the afternoon. Once the kiddos went down for a nap Katie's mom, Katie, and I were out the door in a New York minute headed to explore the wine country. We walked into one winery and an older gentlemen said "wow you girls look nice and dressed up, did you just go to a wedding?" We reply with "no, it's nap time". We were accessorized, wearing heels and sipping wine like it was nobody's business.

We had a wonderful couple days soaking up some sun and letting the babies explore new territory. Katie and her family were generous hosts and we would love to be guest again someday.

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