Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I did it. . .

I feel like waving my victory flag, shouting from the rooftops-"don't mess with Carter's mama" and marching in an advocacy parade for DS. Awhile ago I ran into a lady at Costco (see "choosing my battles") I always said I would say something if I ever had the chance, I wanted her to know that it is not okay to say the things she said. Well this week I had my chance. I went to Costco with the kids to meet my mom. Out of the corner of my eye I see her, waving at my kiddos and trying to talk to them. I turned to my mom and said "oh my God, it's her"! The lady who was all up in our business, asking rude and inappropriate questions. I kept walking, I had to keep my cool. But what do you know a couple minutes later she comes down the same isle we are on. I was trying to help Carter try out a bike and I hear her say "is he special needs?" Remaining calm and not letting her see I had built this moment up in my head for months I went to her and said. . . "Mam, a couple months ago you asked some inappropriate and invasive questions that I was not comfortable with. You had questions about my womb and I am sorry I don't know you and don't feel it is okay for you to be asking questions like that. Especially because you shouted out your questions in front of 80 people in line and the cashier at Costco. I would be more then happy to answer questions about DS but I do not like the way you spoke to me and my family last time." I wanted to go on but I couldn't, I felt that tight knot in my throat and I knew I was about to cry, my palms were sweating and I was shaking. But I did not let her see my fear, I was strong and I was standing up for my family! She did apologize but not sincerely because I believe this is the type of women that just likes to have the last word. She tried to reassure me that she had nothing but kind words, yeah whatever lady, stick around and I will share my kind words. As we were walking away, Carter is wanting to get down and she says "oh looks like someone is going through the terrible 2's", (as if this woman had not said enough already) my mother replies back "no he is not, he is just independent!" Boo-yah lady, take that! Don't mess with our family!

I feel good, I feel like I made one small difference in what will be a lifetime of people that just don't get it or know. I am here to protect my baby and educate the ones that need it. So instead of me being bitter and angry at the cruel world, I celebrate. I celebrate the fact that I have a little man who's face lights up a room. I celebrate that he has his own special language that I can only understand. I celebrate his giant hugs with soft pats on my back when I pick him up. I celebrate that Carter Nicholas will change your perception of what "special needs" really is.

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Auntie Gina said...

I am very proud of you (and your Mom)! Boo to anyone who speaks badly of our Carter Bug!