Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We heart Texas

Our last night in Texas was spent at a beautiful place right on the water. We ate mouth watering food, slipped our "adult juice", watched the sunset and our boys being the best of friends.

My sweet little Nolan hanging with Mommy while the big boys played in the sand.
Eric was determined to drive until the end of the island and so we did, and here it is. The road stops here.

We went to the playground one day and Carter had a blast. He buried himself in the rocks and was covered in dirt.

Carter and Daddy using swim diapers as hats.

This little ham bone was so proud of his new outfit. He was working it where ever we went!
One of the many crazy dinners out with a two year old and 7 month old. Notice the table cloth folded up because Carter took an entire bowl of sauce and dumped it all over the white table cloth. Opps!
Enjoying the view from our room. We watched the sun rise and set every day. I want to go back . . . now!

Texas, we will be back. I think we have even considered moving there. Anyone want to join us?

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