Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a busy Easter weekend. Luckily we got one day of sunshine out of the weekend so we got to have one egg hunt outside. Great meals and lot of treats! Eric overindulged himself in chocolate like no other because he had given it up for Lent. Crazy boy has been eating chocolate non-stop for the past couple of days making up for lost time! Carter may have his sweet tooth, you give him one piece of candy and then he crys when you won't give him more!

Another Easter egg hunt at Grandma Carol's and Grandpa Nick's

Grandpa Nick (Everyone says Nolan looks like a mix of my dad and Eric)

Grandma Georgia & Grandpa Robin with all of the grandbabies!

Eric and cousin Harper kicking back with the bunny ears

Cousin Piper was fast at finding the eggs!

First year that Carter was really interested in finding the eggs.

The boys were spoiled this weekend with Easter baskets from us and their grandparents.

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