Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wait a minute. . .

Who has the remote control to slow down this crazy life? I want to hit pause and have time stand still. My babies are growing to fast and I am afraid if I blink I may miss something. As they grow, my heart grows with them. Who ever knew you could love this much? Sometimes when I squeeze them I'm scared I may squeeze them to tight but I just can't help myself! These boys (including the big one, we call daddy) are the center of my universe!
We have had a busy week getting ready for the big day! Christmas break is always packed with events daily. We have been spending a lot of time with Grandma & Grandpa Becker, shopping and eating! Although I must say every day that my mom and I have been running around, I pack a lunch for all of us. I remember being a kid and seeing the mom at the mall that brought sack lunches for all of her kids. I used to think, poor kids don't get to eat the fun (unhealthy) stuff! I am so that mom now, packing up just about everything but the kitchen sink when I leave the house. And as much as Eric complains when we are trying to leave somewhere he is thankful when he gets hungry, needs a wipe, garbage bag or an extra layer of clothes! Ha, mama knows best!

Anyhow we did Carter's 2 year and Nolan's 4 month check up. Here is their stats:
Height: 31 3/4lbs. (15% typical chart/50%DS chart)
Weight: 23.10in. (5% typical chart/90%DS chart)
Height: 25lbs. (50% typical chart)
Weight: 12.11in. (10% typical chart)

Eric had to work so my mom came with me to help. Good thing because the appointment was a little rough. Carter has now decided in his old age of two that he no longer likes the doctor's office. He was wrapped around me like a monkey, not willing to move. Poor little guy had to get his blood taken to check his thyroid and for leukaemia (which can occur in children with DS) Test results came back normal and everything looks good. Nolan did pretty good with his shots but at one point both of them were screaming at the top of their lungs. Probably scaring the living daylight out of all of the other children in the office.

After their appointments we did Santa pictures. Another person on Carter's list of "not such a fan of you list". I talked to him all day about Santa and what a nice person he was, how he has a great big white beard, a soft fuzzy red suit and how he will bring you presents. Not even any sweet talking helped this situation, Santa sitting was a negative. We waited in line and got up to see him, Carter took one look and said "NOPE"! Favorite word of my precious 2 year old. Mommy got to sit on Santa's lap this year with her boys cuddled close by. Maybe next year!

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