Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Uncle Gerry

My Uncle Gerry (My Dad's brother) has been in town for the last couple weeks because he is performing in the play South Pacific on Broadway. Which we saw (front row seats) and it was absolutely wonderful! So Gerry came over Monday night to meet Carter for the first time. I think they connected. Gerry did not leave his side and Carter seemed pretty excited about him also. Or it could have been the new absolutely adorable rain coat he got him. So cute! Today we are suppose to go have lunch with him before he leaves town.

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gerry becker said...

dear eric, ali and carter, what a great time i had with you all and with grandpa and grandma. the time went too fast. my life has definitely changed in the last weeks of having the privilege of being with my grandnephew and grand friend, carter! i could tangibly feel the love the first time i came to your house and when carter made his entrance with his dad, i fell completely in love with carter in this magnificent house of love. whenever i got to hold him the experience of being with carter overwhelmed me and overtook my senses and left me speechless. carter, i have thought about you and how much i love you everyday since the first day i met you! i have had the experience of God dropping angels in my life-my mother, my children and now my pal, carter.angels come unbidden, fully equiped with massive joy and love. they are not earned or owed to us, they came as pure gifts that wrap our hearts for the rest of our lives. thank you from my heart for the photos of this truly blessed boy and this truly loving family. all my love, gerry