Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh what a day! Carter's 1st b-day party!!!

So much work in for one amazing day. I hope he remembers it! Ha! We had quite the event yesterday. Carter bug is a pretty popular little man, he had quite the turnout, despite a few sick friends who couldn't make it. He was awake and happy for the entire thing (not that he is ever grumpy or fussy any other time). I was a little bit nervous that he may have been overwhelmed by all of the people but he was a trooper. We are so blessed to have such generous loving people in our lives, I was so happy to spend the day with family and friends.

We are off to go get Santa pictures today, so enjoy the pics and we will give more details about the party later. Thanks again for everyones help, love and gifts. Love you all!


amy flege said...

love the pictures. so glad he had a wonderful 1st birthday!!!!!

Erin Arena said...

Hi Alison! I started a blog to document my pregnancy and your blog came up on my dashboard as a suggestion and I couldn't believe it was you! Your little boy is the cutest baby ever and I plan on stealing many clothing ideas from you. I added your blog to follow so I can keep up with your little guy (and you) when I get on here! Congrats again, Happy Belated to Carter, and hope you enjoy the holidays!