Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas morning. . .

What a wonderful day! We woke up in our own house. Eric didn't have to work and we spent the morning together just our little family. Perfect. We did a few presents for each other and a couple for Carter since the child has received presents the entire month of December, bonus of a December baby but we may need a bigger house now with all of the new clothes and toys he has. Carter was much more interested in the paper then the gifts, he loves the sound of the paper crinkling. He did manage to rip a couple corners of his presents though.

Later that morning we went over to Grandma Carol and Grandpa Nick's for breakfast and another relaxing day spent in our jammies! We brought new clothes to change into for dinner but voted to stay in our pj's instead. Carter again made out like a bandit, my mom and dad went crazy. We also got some great gifts, I can't wait to enjoy. We stayed up late (10:30, I know that's late, for me!) drank wine, ate food and enjoyed each others company.

Eric had to work the next day so he left early. Carter and I hung around and took my dad to the airport with my mom. My dad was headed off to St. Louis for my Grandpa Becker's funeral, he passed away on December 23. We wanted to all be there, but airfare is out of control. It was like $950 for a round trip ticket. My dad left Sunday at 9 am, and called today to say he had just gotten there. It took him two days to get there because of the weather. I can't imagine being stuck at an airport with Carter for two days. But my dad is representing the family. My Grandpa Becker lived a long wonderful life, he was 95. The past couple years though, he hasn't really been himself. The Grandpa I remember sadly left us many years ago. It was time for his suffering to end and I am glad he is in a better place now.

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