Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh the joys of Kindergarten

Some day I will write a book about my adventures of being a kindergarten teacher, I would probably make more money doing that then teaching but I do love my job.
Story #1:
I am sitting on my chair and the kids are joining me on the carpet. While I am sitting there I can feel some type of wetness all over my freshly manicured toes and bottom of my foot. I look down to see one of my little gems has a very runny nose. His snot had dripped all over my open toe sandals and was going in between my toes. He sucks his snot back up his nose and looks at me and smiles. Trying not to gag, I get a Kleenex for him and for my poor foot. Number 1 reason I go through bottles of sanitizer.
Story #2:
I have one little boy who is cute as a button, the smallest one in the class with the loudest voice by far. I am helping another student when he runs over to me, as if his desk were on fire and says, "Mrs. T, Mrs. T Tino does not like his balls", I said, "What?" as if I didn't know what he was talking about, because he couldn't be talking about "those balls", could he? Frantically he tells me again and again. So I walk over to his desk to investigate, I ask Tino, "you mean basketballs out at recess right?" (Mind you many of my kiddos are just learning English, so I was crossing my fingers what he was saying just wasn't coming out right.) The other little boy next to him, says "No Mrs. T, he means these balls" pointing to the "balls" he was referring to. I said, "thank you" very politely and tried not to laugh and pondered what exactly to say next. I informed the boys we only talk about basketballs or baseballs at school and that the "other balls" should be talked about at home.
Oh the joys of Kindergarten!

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