Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lost in a corn maze. . .

So today Eric and I set out to the pumpkin patch. I absolutly love pumpkin patchs! Yet I have never experienced a corn maze while visiting the patch before. These things are not for children nor pregnant women who have to pee a lot. We were seriously lost for over an hour. You were suppose to find six mailboxes and get your card stamped at each one to get your prize at the end. Ha! We made it to two and it took more then a hour! We eventually had to take the "emergency exit" to use the bathroom. Luckily Eric had to go also so it wasn't just me. I was having trouble walking and concentrating towards the end because I had to pee so bad. You could take the exit and go back but luckily Eric said no. I didn't want the stinkin prize anyhow! I heard parents asking "how long will it take if I let my kids go in on their own?" Ha, good luck if you ever see them again. This place was crazy! Two grown adults could not find their way out. Great for an afternoon of babysitting if you want to organize losing your children for a couple hours.

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