Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friday Harbor getaway

This weekend we celebrated Eric’s birthday (his b-day is October 22) in Friday Harbor. We could not have asked for better weather. It was two perfect fall days, sunny and gorgeous but with a crisp cold bite in the air. Ideal for a hot drink, 10 layers of clothes and UGG boots. We stayed at the Friday Harbor House which was right off of the ferry dock. Our room had a fire place, balcony, jetted Jacuzzi tub, flat screen TV and a big soft comfy bed. The restaurant we had dinner at was literally 10 steps away from our hotel, very convenient for the pregnant lady. Our dinner was fabulous, I had yummy pasta that I ate about three bites of and was full. Baby Carter is consuming more space in my tummy making it harder for Mommy to enjoy an entire meal. Eric had “poor Mary’s little” lamb for dinner. I kept telling him Mary was going to be so upset when she found out he was eating her lamb, which had no effect on him what’s so ever. He still ate the poor thing without a second thought. For desert we had ice cream with homemade fudge. It was heavenly, thank goodness for pregnancy allowing you to eat a little extra dessert. I better enjoy it while I can because in 8 weeks there will be a lot of running and no dessert in sight.

Any how we had a great weekend. I cannot believe that I am already 8 months pregnant. Getting to this point it feels like it has flown by but now it feels like time is at a stand still. I can’t wait to meet little Carter. I want to see his sweet face and count his ten toes and fingers. I am so excited to hold him for the very first time. I can’t wait to see Eric hold him for the first time. It shouldn’t be long now. The count down is on.

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