Saturday, August 9, 2008

An exciting month. . .

This month has been the most exciting so far. I am feeling little Carter move around constantly and let me tell you he is an active boy! He tends to be most active in the morning and at night, during the day he must sleep. A friend of mine said their sleeping patterns in the womb are sometimes alike after they are born. Hopefully not because that would mean a morning baby who was up all night and liked to sleep only during the day. I have also started playing music for him. He seems to enjoy George Winston, a piano player. I take my IPOD headphones and put one earpiece in my belly button and the other one resting on my stomach. He is extremely active when I play music. Eric and I will just sit and watch my belly move. We have been talking to Carter as much as we can. I even talk to him in the car and people must think I am crazy when they see no headset or cell phone but oh well.

Physically this month I think it is officially okay to say you can now tell I am pregnant. It sure took a long time. My doctor said that my placenta is closest to my back so I wouldn’t show as fast but I would be able to feel him move better. I am carrying down pretty low. My girlfriend Amber and I went and got our nails done yesterday and the lady said “You are having a boy, right?” so it may be true what they say about boys being lower. I think because baby Carter is lower, I have been getting some extreme back pain. It is right by my tail bone, it feels the nerve is being stabbed and it makes my legs go numb. It is not comfortable at all. But that is my only complaint, well besides my large and in charge chest.

Food . . . is good! I haven’t craved anything crazy yet. I am still in love with blueberries, strawberries, oranges, Special K cereal, eggs, turkey bacon, and yogurt and of course the occasional ice cream. I must recommend Dairy Queen’s Girl Scout blizzard, it is fabulous!

Until next time!

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