Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holy moly!


I literally blinked and the holidays came and went. The last of the Christmas tree pine needles were sucked up in the vacuum today, the house looks empty but it feels good to be cleaned up and organized. Our living room looks like an auto zone with all of the boys new cars, trucks, and machinery. I think I love new toys as much as they do. It is exciting having something new to play with! Unwrapping presents this year was even more fun because the boys were so expressive and enthusiastic. Every present got a "Wow" or an "Ohhhhh", nothing better then watching their little faces light up. And just think next year I will be wrapping little baby dolls under the tree for the first time. As I finished shopping this year for the boys I went down the girl isles (because now I can)  just browsing and literally crying every time I saw a baby doll.
We had the best Christmas present ever this year, knowing our little family will be complete with a baby girl. I can't wait to watch the way my boys love their little lady! Now Happy New Year and I can't wait for Spring!
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