Friday, October 30, 2009

My favorite pictures ever. . . PUMPKIN PATCH PICS!

We went to Spooner Farms out in Orting for Carter's first pumkin patch experience. A tradition he may grow to not like because I am crazy with the pictures. Although having two grandma's there was even crazier with their cameras. Eric said his face hurt on the way home from smiling.
I can't wait for Carter to put on his costume for Halloween, he is going to be a lion. We haven't decided just where we are going to take him yet. Trick or treating is definatly out of the question because we cannot have anymore candy in this house for Eric's sake. I bought a bag at Costco last weekend and the man has not been able to control himself. I called him the other morning from school, it wasn't even 10 o'clock and he had eaten 15 pieces. Good lord, he is out of control. This morning before he left for work he actually demanded that I hide the bag of candy before he gets home. Although why bother, he called me from work with a mouth full of snickers to ask if I had hide the candy here yet. He is crazy, no self control!!!

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