Monday, July 6, 2009

And I thought I would have more time! HA!

You would think since school is out for the summer, I would have more time on my hands to sit down and catch up. Not so much, I don't even feel like I have sat down once since summer has started. Carter has just turned seven months old, I am in shock! He is changing so fast and making new sounds. It is official, he has said "mama" and yes it came out before "dada"! I am not sure that he knows what he is saying, but the sounds are there and I will take it! A couple weeks ago we went in for Carter's 6 month appointment and he weighed in at 15.7 lbs.(15%) and measured 26 1/4 (60%). He has rolls all over his legs and a belly that looks like it belongs on a old man. Absolutely adorable! He is an eating machine, which does not surprise me, have you meet his father? I have been making all of Carter's food, his top three favorites are bananas & blueberries, asparagus, and sweet potatoes. I am still nursing which is so much easier than having to pump a million times a day at school. I am going for the long stretch, his first birthday. To bad in September I will have to start pumping again. For now the trusty pump can rest in the closet! Yippie, give the girls a rest. I told Eric when we are done having kids the girls will be repaired and reduced, he wasn't to excited about the reducing! Tough!

Carter is making huge strides in his physical strengthen, he is now a rolling machine. He would occasionally roll before but now he is doing intentionally to get a toy and reach for something he is interested in. I love to watch him play because he is enjoying the toys either that or he wants them in his mouth. He still doesn't have any teeth but is still showing the signs of teething so I would imagine any day now one is going to pop through. This morning I gave him a puff, which is a cereal that dissolves in your mouth, he really liked them and I was surprised because he knew to start chewing.

Over the summer on all of our adventures, I have had conversations with so many different people. I will take the high road and not share some of things people have said that just makes me. . . I just won't go there. My baby is a person just like everyone else, he does not have a disease or a sickness that is a negative thing. He just happens to have one more chromosome then most. And I would strongly suggest you look up the word "normal", what is "normal"? Your "normal" might not be someone elses. Carter is an individual also, he might not fit the typical mold, but who does? I realize that some people are just trying to have a conversation and do not mean any harm but that is why myself and others will hopefully help to educate people on DS. Now don't analyze every conversation you have had with me and think did I say something wrong, I will kindly let you know. A friend of mine posted this on her blog so I wanted to share it:

Now I will try to get all of the pictures posted of all of our adventures so far. . . Enjoy!!!

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