Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy, crazy month!!!

I feel like I blinked and this month is already over. Time is flying by and Carter Bug is just about 6 months old. Are you kidding? 6 months, where has the time gone. He is growing like a little weed. We have his 6 month appointment soon, so I don't know how much he weighs but he has to be at least 15 or 16 lbs and he is getting taller by the day. Carter loves to stand up in your lap and he looks like such a big man. He can even stand when you just hold onto his hands. He may skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking. Carter is holding his head up no problem, rolling over (when he feels like it) and putting his arms out when he is on his tummy to lift up his head (that is preparing his body for crawling) The PT, Linda visited this month also and was again amazed with Carter's strengthen. Now we are working on preparing his muscles for a protective mechanism. The best way to explain it is when you are pushed you automatically put your hands out or shift your weight to catch yourself. So in a sense we are preparing and strengthening the muscles in his body that will do that. I had asked Linda about his speech also, Carter is a talking machine now and loves to hear his own voice. I wanted to know what we could do to help his speech in the future, even at such a young age. So in June the Speech therapist is going to come and visit Carter. I have also been working on basic sign language with him, signs like "more", "all done", "thank you", "help me", "mommy & daddy" and "milk". He has discovered his hands so we'll see how long it takes him to start signing back. He has started to put his hands together when I am feeding him, but who knows if he is signing yet or just playing. Speaking of food, this little boy of ours loves to eat. Which was also another thing we had our PT watch. Children with low muscle tone can sometimes have trouble closing their mouths making eating and nursing challenging because the food leaks out the side. Carter is able to close his lips around the spoon to eat and does it wonderfully. He cracks me up because he does a motor boat with his lips now and with food so it sprays all over my face. He seems to think it is pretty funny!
Our little man is changing our world every day. He is a little man of many faces. He has a million different expressions and mommy and daddy can read just about everyone. I find that so amazing, when two people can know someone so well yet they have never spoken words to each other. We are the ones that know what he needs and when he needs it. Parenting is the most outstanding and amazing thing I think we will ever experience in life.
We have spent the last couple weekends crazy busy, Mother's day, Memorial day, birthday's, baby showers, baseball games and just life in general. We have learned that Carter man is social but sometimes enough is enough. He does not enjoy being passed around from person to person. (My poor child has already inherited my OCD, he likes his routine and things to be predictable.) I graciously sometimes have to explain to people that you taking my cranky baby is not giving me a break. Hearing him cry in someone elses arms is more stressful and makes me even more anxious. Some of the weekends of going place to place have felt a little longer than others. We are happy to be home!

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